Arrest Made in Newton County Murder

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Newton County, Miss. One man is dead and another is behind bars after a New Year's Day shooting.

A building on a quiet stretch of Shiloh Church Road in Newton County is where neighbors tell Newscenter 11 the shooting happened in the early morning hours of New Year's Day. Sheriff Jackie Knight says authorities and first responders arrived on the scene a short time after the shooting and transported the victim, 27-year old Tyrone Waters, Jr., to the hospital where he later died. Sheriff Knight tells Newscenter 11 that 30-year old Robert Payne is now facing murder charges.

"And you know, it's sad day for both families, sad day for everyone," Sheriff Knight points out. "You know, one family lost, you know some member of their family and the other one has been charged with murder. It's a sad thing."

Right now, Sheriff Knight says his investigators are trying to piece together exactly what led to this shooting, but he says it appears it was over a woman.

"We understand at this point and time that it was girlfriend, ex-girlfriend," Knight explains. "You know boyfriend, ex-girlfriend deal going on and it just escalated to the point that someone was shot and killed."

The sheriff says it is unclear exactly how many people were around when the shooting took place. He does say investigators have several people they will be interviewing about the events leading up to the shooting. Knight says cases like this are rare in Newton County.

Sheriff Knight says his office is working to schedule an initial court appearance for Payne. During that time, Knight says it will be determined whether the suspect is eligible for bond.