Arrest Made in West Point Fight, More Expected

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West Point, Miss.

The West Point, Miss., police chief says an Okolona man has been arrested in an assault that seriously injured a man. Chief Tim Brinkley says he expects more arrests.

Brinkley says 22-year-old Courtez McMillian is in the Clay County jail pending charges of aggravated assault. He says most if not all the people on a list of suspects are from adjoining Monroe County

David Knighten of West Point says he and Ralph Weems, IV, who are white, were followed from a restaurant where Weems had argued with African-American patrons to another restaurant.

Knighten says a man outside the first restaurant told them it wasn't safe for white people because people there were upset about the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri.

Brinkley says prosecutors and a grand jury would have to decide whether the attack would be classified a hate crime.