Assistance for Families in Shelter

Care Lodge serves dozens of families each year through their domestic violence shelter. The families who are housed there during the holiday season often have little to provide their children or themselves, so Care Lodge asks the community to help meet the need, and for 31 years, the community has met the challenge.

Leslie Payne, executive director of Care Lodge, explains, "The community has always been so supportive of Care Lodge, and we have individuals, and churches, and organizations that call and want to adopt one of our families."

Those who adopt families receive a list of needs for the family.

"We provide them with a list of sizes and items that the family has requested. Things like clothing, board games for children, stuffed animals, footballs, basketballs, things that your kids would want. Those are the things that we request," Payne tells us.

Care Lodge becomes so much more than a safe place to rest for families that come from abusive homes, especially during the Christmas season.

"Year after year our clients will tell us that this was the best Christmas they've ever had," Payne says. "They're in a safe place, Santa Claus comes to see them. Moms know that their children are being provided with items, and moms get things as well. I've had adults tell me this is the first time I've ever gotten anything for Christmas."

If you want to adopt a family, you can call Care Lodge at 601-482-8719.