Atmos Addition Brings Excitement to East Mississippi

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Meridian, Miss. The EMBDC has big plans for the East Mississippi area.

The biggest news though is that Atmos Energy will now be supplying natural gas to the area. This is huge for the industrial parks around the area because they now have access to this vital utility.

"Because three of our sites did not have gas service, natural gas service, as an alternative fuel or to use in the manufacturing process," EMBDC President Wade Jones says. "And so we may have been eliminated from a project from a company considering meridian simply because we didn't have that utility there."

The announcement that Atmos Energy can begin construction of 23 miles of gas pipeline next year is huge. The plan is to complete the project in three phases over six years without using any public funds. The line will run to three sites: the I-20/59 Industrial Park, Sonny Montgomery Industrial Park, and the Kewanee Mega Site.

"When you're going after these big and even medium size industrial prospects, they want everything," according to David Gates, President of Atmos Energy. "They want you to bring the site to them. They want a package, and this is part of that package."

Atmos Energy is based out of Dallas, TX and was founded in 1906.