Attorneys Sort Through Hopkins Evidence

The hearing for officer Don Hopkins has been pushed back for months, in part, because the attorneys can't seem to agree on whether Hopkins's attorney, Bill Ready, Jr., has received the records and information he needs for this case. Either way, the two attorneys hope to be ready by that March hearing.

"I can't say I'm confident because I've been trying so long," Ready says. "I'm hopeful that if there is a few things missing like the statement notes or interview notes that the city will provide that to me."

"After the hearing, I think that we have clarified that everything that we can produce, has been produced, and I think that there will be a letter going soon to confirm that," city attorney Michael Goggans says.

With Hopkins's case being pushed back to the same date that former Captain Dean Harper's case was originally scheduled for, that leaves many questions as to when they'll hear Captain Harper's case and if we'll see the same sort of issues that we've seen with Hopkins's hearing.

"Potentially, there could be some disagreement over what evidence should be produced, what's relevant," Goggans says.

Ready says he's already experiencing problems in acquiring the information he's requested for Harper's hearing.

"As we sit here today, I'm still waiting on the city of Meridian to provide that information. This seems to be a continuing code of conduct with the city's administration and the police department administration," he says.

WTOK-TV put in a request for the video evidence that will be used in Don Hopkins hearing, the city has granted that request, and we should have that footage by Friday at noon.