At Least Seven Injured in Mississippi Storms

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Authorities say at least seven people were injured overnight in Mississippi when a line of powerful storms pushed across the state.

Mississippi Emergency Management Agency spokesman Greg Flynn says there were two injuries in Tallahatchie County and one each in Scott and Coahoma counties.

Sharkey County Sheriff Lindsey Adams, Jr., says three people were injured there. Lindsey says a mother and her son were injured when their mobile home was destroyed. Two others in the home weren't injured. Lindsey also says a woman in another mobile home was injured when it was destroyed.

Authorities say none of the injuries appear to be life-threatening.

Earlier reports were four or five injuries in Sharkey County. The reason for the discrepancy wasn't immediately clear.

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency has received initial reports of damage from 10 counties:

Bolivar: Several homes and mobile homes damaged, several commercial buildings damaged, several roads closed and power outages reported.

Coahoma: Damage to homes and one minor injury.

DeSoto: At least one home and one church damaged.

Grenada: Damage to homes and roads closed.

Leake: Several homes damaged, roads closed and power outages reported.

Neshoba: Several homes damaged and trees and power lines down.

Scott: Several homes damaged and one injury.

Tallahatchie: Damage to homes, several minor injuries and power outages reported.

Union: Several homes damaged and roads closed.

Yazoo: At least one home damaged, more than a dozen roads closed and power outages reported.