Authorities Investigate Gun on School Campus

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There is concern at Clarkdale Attendance Center over whether a student brought a gun to school.

Lauderdale County authorities say it all started on Friday with a verbal altercation between a group of students on campus. Monday is when a student allegedly had a gun on campus.

However, Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun says no one reported seeing the weapon until hours after the fact. As soon as school officials were notified, they immediately located the student in question. Investigators say they did not locate the weapon.

"As soon as the administration found out about it, they immediately got the child off the bus and searched the child's book bag," Assistant Superintendent Ed Mosley says.

"We certainly take seriously any allegations that are put forth," Calhoun says. "We investigate those allegations and when possible, charges are filed."

The Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department says it has had deputies posted on high school campuses since 1997 to help with security.

The school district says any time you witness suspicious activity on a school campus, you should report it immediately.