Authorities Still Investigating Threatening Messages

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Investigators say they're making some headway as they try to figure out who sent numerous threatening messages to people at a local middle school.

Those threatening text messages and Facebook messages being sent to some at Southeast Middle School have prompted speculation that former school employee Dex Stone is somehow involved. But Lauderdale County investigators say there is no evidence at this time to show whether Stone is involved sending those messages.

"It appears he did not have direct involvement in at least most of the text messages and some of the social media information that we've been able to look at at this point," Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun says.

Calhoun says authorities interviewed several persons of interest, based on information from internet service providers. Calhoun does admit that Dex Stone is one those persons of interest though.

"We're not including or excluding anyone at this point," Calhoun stresses. "And we will continue to follow the leads, the information that we have until we are able to make a case against whoever has been doing that."

Of course, Stone was arrested Thursday on two counts of lustful touching of a minor and one count of sexual battery. This follows other charges last Friday.

Authorities tell Newscenter 11 they are keeping an open mind when it comes to who might be sending those threatening text messages. If you have any information that help investigators, you are asked to call the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department.