Authors Discuss Freedom Summer '64

Meridian, Miss.
More people from across the nation are in Meridian and east Mississippi to observe the 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer 1964.

Two authors who took part in that historic summer brought their stories to Meridian Community College Friday afternoon.

The authors participated in a panel discussion about Freedom Summer and how their books were influenced by it.

Bernice Sims, who is from Meridian, penned the book Detour Before Midnight. Susan Follett wrote the book, The Fog Machine.

Newscenter 11 asked each of the authors what they want readers to take away from their books.

"The price of freedom and the right to vote should not be taken for granted," said Sims. "Many people sacrificed their lives and limbs for that right, and I hope that it will never be taken for granted."

"The thing that I would like to take away from the lecture and for readers to take away from the book is what I learned by writing the book, which is that prejudice is a very complicated thing." said Follett.

Both of the books may be purchased on Amazon.