Aviators Receive Wings of Gold

Meridian Naval Air Station, Miss. Ten pilots received their wings of gold in a ceremony Friday afternoon at NAS Meridian.

They represent members of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps and the British Royal Navy who have completed nearly two years of specialized training.

Graduates at this level have earned the aviator designation and will move on to advanced training.

Lt. Robert Hunt of the Royal Navy was chosen to be the SERGRAD and will stay on for a year as an instructor at NAS Meridian.

Lt. Christopher Mould of the Royal Navy is moving on to NAS Oceana, Va.

"When I joined the Navy 7 years ago, if I'd have expected to have been in the states doing flight training, I never wouldn't have believed it," said Mould. "So it's a really, really surreal experience, I think, is the thing. But a happy one at the same time."

Mould was also presented the Golden Stick, which goes to the top graduate of the class.

Former NAS commanding officer, Terence Hightower, was the guest speaker.