BBB President Speaks to the Rotary Club

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Meridian, Miss What does the Better Business Bureau do? Maybe you've asked this question before. Some advertisements mention how they have an A+ rating with the BBB, but what does that even mean? John O’Hara, the president of the BBB for Mississippi, spoke to the Meridian Rotary Club about that very thing Wednesday afternoon. He wants to let people know that the BBB is here for you.

O’Hara says, "I just wanted to let people know generally what the Better Business Bureau does. There are a lot of misconceptions or we have a lot of different things we do to help consumers and businesses that people don't know. So by doing these talks to these civic clubs it gives people a better understanding and to you our services are free so they can look up businesses."

He also wanted to clear up a few misconceptions associated with the BBB. Some think the BBB is a government agency, which is not true. Another, according to O'Hara, is that being an accredited BBB business will hurt your business.

"One of the biggest ones we have is, 'if I become an accredited business, I’ll get more complaints'. Over 80 percent of the complaints in Mississippi are against non- accredited businesses," said O’Hara.

Mississippi residents are one of the top 5 most giving people to charities and as a result Mississippi is prone to scammers. The BBB can help you avoid being a victim and can help you recover if you already have been a victim.

O’Hara says, "If you think you're the victim of a scam or before you become a victim of a scam, if something sounds too good to be true, you get a phone call, an email, or you're out there doing some online shopping, contact us first. If unfortunately you think you've become the victim of a scam, you may have given someone some personal information, contact the Better Business Bureau because we have all the phone numbers of the agencies that you would need to talk to to maybe head off identity theft."