BBB Scam Warning

During this season of giving residents are being warned about scams.

"There's going to be a lot of phone calls. Through the internet you're going to get a lot of e-mails to give to this fund and this fund," says Mississippi Better Business Bureau Director, John O'Hara. That's why he says during this time of year residents should be on high alert for possible scams.

"They're very aggressive. When it comes to a charity, they will usually respect the fact --- like the big names ones that will respect the fact ---- that you will say to them, 'Hey, can I contact you back,' or 'can I research this?' It's the ones that say, 'I can't believe that you don't want to give! Don't you want to fight this cause!' If they start to get a little rude, that's not really a good indicator. That usually puts up a flag, and I'd probably hang up the phone."

When it comes to solicitations over the telephone in particular, O'Hara says you should always ask the caller to send you more information about the charity, and request a call back number. He's also advising that people closely examine solicitations that are made over the internet.

"Take your time. Don't make an emotional decision. Don't look at an emotional video via Facebook, and start giving to something," says O'Hara. "Just make sure that you research that charity. You can look at our website at and see if the charity is accredited or not, or to just see how that charity operates."

To report a scam, or find out if a charity or organization is legitimate you can also call the Better Business Bureau at 1-800-987-8280.