BP Claims Extend Past Coast

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With BP settlement money now flowing in to the state of Mississippi, Attorney General Jim Hood says many businesses and individuals may not be aware they could be entitled to make a claim.

"If you think you have a claim then file it," said Hood. "You're not going to get prosecuted for filing a frivolous claim."

Although separate from the state's legal issues with BP, Hood says the settlement isn't just for the southern part of the state where the 2010 oil spill had the greatest impact.

"People shouldn't be hesitant. A lot of people lost money over this that will never get a dime back," Hood said.

According to the $7.8 billion class action lawsuit settlement, Gulf Coast areas include the entire states of Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama.

Any business or individual, who can prove a financial loss between May and December of 2010, may qualify for a payout. The loss would have to be in relation to the same period from previous years and then show a bounce back in 2011.

"Even the claims administrator himself is doing public service announcements in Louisiana saying that even if you think you have a claim, if you think that you've lost money as a result of the BP oil spill then file a claim," said Hood. "We're going to review it and if you're not owed anything, you don't get anything from it."

Those wanting to file a claim need to have it in place by April 2014. Click the link below for more information.