Back To School Supply Lists

Lauderdale County, Miss. As the new school years kicks off, school supply lists are in high demand. Each list varies, and administrators from the Lauderdale County and Meridian Public School Districts are assuring parents that all of the items requested are needed.

Listing things such as pencils and paper, to paper towels and hand sanitizer, school supply lists vary from school-to-school.

"These are not the wish lists that teachers have," says T.J. Harris Lower Elementary School Principal Sonja Roberts. "This is the supply list. These are those basic items that children will need for their learning throughout the year."

As within the Meridian Public School District, Northeast Elementary Principal Tammy Crowe says teachers at her school decide at the end of each school year what items need to be placed on these lists.

"We go ahead and put everything they need on that list for the year because of the good sales at this time," says Principal Crowe. "Even though we have the list, and we have things that are optional on the list, sometimes classes may not get any of those extra things, and so the teachers are always willing to go out and purchase those extra things."

Officials from both districts say the goal is for the supplies on the list to be able to meet the students needs for the entire year.

"Throughout the year we look at what we have left at the end of the year," says Principal Roberts, "and it's not so much at all, but the little bit that we do have, it rolls over to the upcoming year."

Northeast Elementary is one of the schools that's planning to seek a grant that could possibly help to offset some supply costs. Officials at T.J. Harris Lower Elementary have secured a grant for professional development, but so far, not one to help with school supplies.

Officials from both districts say it's donations from the community and this year's 'Stuff the Bus Campaign,' which was sponsored by the local United Way, that's helping them supply the items that many parents were not able to buy.

When it comes to buying school supplies, both Principal Roberts and Principal Crowe says it's important to remember that the purchases are investments into the future.