Baird Trust Bestows Grants

The W.R. Baird Charitable Trust has earned more than $71,000 for non-profit organizations in the past year.

Grants were presented Friday by Citizens National Bank, which manages the trust.

Money went to groups like the Boys and Girls Club and Boy Scouts and service agencies like MCCSA and The Salvation Army.

Businessman William Baird established the trust in his will. Since 1981, over $4.3 million has been generated for charities.

"It supplements their operating budgets," said Archie McDonnell, President and CEO of Citizens National Bank. "So it gives them an added boost to accomplish their mission, their individual missions, because each on of these organizations has a little different mission in the community."

Citizens National Bank also awarded $2500 of its own to The Montgomery Institute. The bank has pledged a total of $12,500 to the organization over a 5-year period.