Ballerinas Kick Off New Program

Meridian, Miss. A local dance studio was filled with tutus Saturday, where some tiny ballerinas were celebrating a special occasion.

Pat Gray Dance Academy has brought a new program to Meridian. The program focuses on the adventures of a ballerina mouse named Angelina. The mouse helps them learn lots of different dances in new and creative ways. Angelina came to dance with the girls, and dance instructor Sharon Howard says this is an event the ballerinas have been looking forward to for weeks.

"It helps them experience different styles of dance and technique," instructor Sharon Howard says. "So it helps them grow as dancers. We start them at 2 and a half at Mom and tots, but this is a 3 to 6 year old class."

Howard says Angelina the mouse helps the dancers to learn ballet and tap though a uniquely visual method. If you're interested in signing up your children for June class, you can visit the Pat Gray Dance Academy.