Bark for Life Saturday in Lauderdale County

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Meridian, Miss. Bark for Life, a fun event that benefits the American Cancer Society, is set for Mar. 15 at the Lauderdale County Agri-Center.

Local veterinarians say they want to be able to raise awareness and money. Just like Relay for Life, Bark for Life was started to help combat cancer and help find a cure for it.

"Bark for Life is a canine event to help fight cancer," said veterinarian, Dr. Diane Donaldson. "It was started through the American Cancer Society to raise awareness of cancer in pets, as well as to honor the care-giving quality that our four-legged babies give us."

During the two-hour event, veterinarians hope people understand that cancer doesn't just affect humans and that it is very prevalent in dogs and cats as well.

"Cancer does not discriminate," Donaldson said. "Cancer strikes in our four-legged pets as well as in children and adults. It sees no boundaries, so it's always good to be able bring our four-legged pets out to help us to fight cancer."

There will be several fun contests for the dogs to enter, rides for children, and even luminaries for purchase to remember people or pets.

The hope is to raise enough money to surpass the total the past three years.

"The first year our goal was to raise $2,000 and we raised a little over $8,000. Last year our goal was to raise $8,000 and we raised a little over $14,000, so we've made $15,000 our goal this year and we are certainly striving to meet that."

The event sponsored by Till-Newell Animal Hospital is hoping for at least 200 to 300 dogs in attendance.

Bark for Life is Mar. 15 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Lauderdale County Agri-Center on Highway 19 South.

The cost of registration per dog is $20 and $25 for two dogs. There is a 2-dog limit.