Basketball Tournament Prepares Kids for School

A huge crowd came out to Ben Arthur Davis Park in Meridian today to have a little fun while getting ready to return to school.

For the second year in a row, Direct General hosted a back-to-school giveaway. The company gave out free school supplies for those signing up for auto insurance. During the giveaway, James Carter of the Carter Foundation organized a basketball tournament. He says the turnout was great and 10 more teams than expected signed up. There were games for everyone.

"We got a three-on-three basketaball tournament with different age groups and it varies from 10 through 13, and we also got a 14 through 18. After that we've got a three-point shootout," Carter says. "We've got some girls from Meridian High, and they say they want to play with the boys, show them that girls rock. That's going to be real nice. Also, we're going to have a co-ed tournament, and we're going to have some adult shootouts."

Carter says more community events like this are in the works. He hopes to organize a flag football tournament next.