Bill Marcy Discusses Candidacy for U.S. Senate

Bill Marcy, a former Meridian resident, paid a visit to his once-home on Memorial Day to discuss his candidacy for the U.S. Senate. Marcy stopped by Dumont Plaza and explained why he threw his hat into the ring.

"The reason I decided to run for Senate is because Mississippi is a very small state and a very poor state. It seems like a large number of our population, black and white, have been left behind," Marcy explains. "There's a time and a place where things have to change, and I think I'm part of that change."

Marcy was previously running as a republican, but has recently switched to the democratic party. He says both parties need to work together to reach success. His platform is growing jobs in the Magnolia State. Marcy says Mississippi can grow employment by manufacturing more of the products we use locally.

Marcy says the best way to get jobs here in Mississippi is by making the state more appealing, reaching out to manufacturers so they see Mississippi as a more viable location.

"Unless you have manufacturers here, you have no jobs," he says. "What we've done is discouraged them from being here by free trade agreements, and they're not fair trade agreements."

Marcy says he believes trade agreements like the North American Free Trade Agreement should be cancelled to grow local employment opportunities. He says he thinks the voters are ready for another black senator - an event that hasn't happened in over a century.

"Half the state of Mississippi is people of color," Marcy says. "We haven't had a United States senator who was a person of color since 1881. I think that percent of the population is ready for that historic event to occur."