Bizarre Burglary Investigation Continues

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Lauderdale County, Miss. A bizarre burglary case has once again brought to light the seriousness of burglaries in our area.

It was a wild week to say the least for the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department. Wednesday morning, deputies were called to a burglary in progress on Russell Mount Gilead Road where two suspects had tied a woman up in a closet and then got into an altercation with the man living there.

"This is a very unusual set of circumstances," Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun points out. "In that these individuals had masks on. We believe that they knew they were there or at least that there was a high likelihood that someone would be inside of the residence."

In most instances, burglary suspects scope out the property and make their move when no one is home and then get out quick. Not this time though. Deputies were able to arrive on the scene as the two suspects were making their getaway. One is now in custody and the other suspect, Jazmine Lachae Ramsey, is still on the run.

"Our investigation certainly would be helped by being able to apprehend Ms. Ramsey as soon as possible," Calhoun admits.

Calhoun says while it is easy to feel that sense of security while you are at home during the daytime, he says better be safe than sorry.

"But I would always encourage everyone to lock your doors as you come and go from your residence," Calhoun urges.

Ramsey fled on foot from a local hospital this past week while authorities were waiting to question her. If you have any information on her whereabouts, you can call Crimestoppers at 601-485-1860.