Bland Announces Run for Mayor

The state of the police department and public safety in Meridian was a major topic on Tuesday as a former mayoral candidate announced his plans to run again.

At a ceremony on the steps of Meridian City Hall, Percy Bland announced he is running for mayor again. Bland lost to Mayor Cheri Barry in the general election four years ago by about 300 votes. He says his top priority as he begins his campaign is to show people that he is ready to deal with the crime problem in the city.

"The most attention right now is on the safety in our community," Bland said. "People are scared to go to Walmart. People are scared to go out right now, so we need to do a good job at getting our police department under control and providing the leadership from the mayor's office to get those things done."

Mayor Barry and former Lauderdale County Election Commissioner Rod Amos are running against Bland.