Bland Goes On the Record

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Meridian, Miss. Meridian's mayor-elect, Percy Bland, talked On the Record this weekend about his plans for the city.

Bland says he wants to move forward with a blueprint for the city and is reaching out to those who didn't vote for him.

Bland says he has built a strong, efficient team around him to help him transition into leading the city of Meridian. He said this is not a payback gesture for people who supported him.

Bland says the 29 people making up his transition team were chosen for their abilities and not all of them even supported him in the mayor's race.

Bland talked about the transition and his vision with News Director John Johnson in Sunday's edition of On the Record.

"There are some people who have to come to the table who have had arguments in the past, and who have had disagreements," Bland said. "But now they've got to get past those things because we've got to do what best for children, we've got to do what's right for citizens here. "

Bland's 29 transition team members and their assignments are listed on his new website There is speculation about who will keep their jobs in city government and who won't. The Mayor-elect says there will be some changes, with department heads, mid-level managers, and all staff being reviewed, "There are probably going to be some changes in some positions. because I think that assessing where we are, and where we need to be. I think there needs to be new energy in some areas in this city."

Bland says he knows the budget is tight, but it's important to prioritize areas that are important to his administration, "I think that we need to invest a little bit more in some of those areas, especially as it relates to parks and recreation in this city."

Bland takes office July 1st. He says some new department head positions are likely to be announced at his first Meridian City Council meeting July 2nd.