Bland Preparing for Transition

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Meridian, Mississippi Mayor-Elect Percy Bland hosted a transitional meeting on Thursday night to prepare to lead the Queen City for the next four years.

This was the first transition meeting for Bland and his new team. The transition team has actually been divided into groups to focus on particular issues.

Bland tells Newscenter 11 that Thursday night's meeting was a chance for the team members to meet and get to know each other. Also, to figure out what information or paperwork will be needed in order to help with the transition. At the same time, many are wondering if any administrative decisions have been made.

"No decisions have been made at this point," Bland points out. "We're going to make them on July 2nd. Our board approval or city council approval at that first city council meeting. We're working hard on it and talking to a lot of people and hopefully July 2nd, we'll have everything ready to go for the people."

Bland says right now, he is simply focused on devising a good, working plan to help him lead the city forward.