Bland Receives Advice from Philadelphia's Mayor

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Meridian, Mississippi Philadelphia's mayor is offering Meridian's new mayor some advice as he begins his first term in office.

Mayor James Young says Mayor Percy Bland's first term will be about more than just being the city's first African American mayor. Young tells Newscenter 11 Bland will have a greater opportunity as mayor to change perception and allow the community to work together more closely, saying it is about one Meridian and not one side or the other.

"We have to walk the middle of the road, Mayor Young says. "I can't afford to do too much for this one or too much for that one, but I must be straight down the line. Because I can be, as they say, too black or too white, and being black. So, that's one of those paradigm's that we have to deal with as African American mayors and we do that by being fair to everyone. That's going to be key."

Young is beginning his second term as Philadelphia's mayor.