Bob Holland Interview

Meridian, Miss. If there is one person that we get more questions about that anyone else who used to work at WTOK, is the man who did the weather here for the first four and a half decades of the station's existence, Bob Holland.

Bob is living in Jackson now. He worked for years behind the scenes in radio and television there after retiring from WTOK in 19-96. He came back for the Business After Hours event. He spent some time talking to our weather department Thursday about the way things used to be. He talked with Wade Phillips on Live at Five about coming back.

Wade: "Thank you so much for joining us today."
Bob: "Thank you Wade. It's my privilege."
Wade: "We just talked about this. You haven't been back on the air since you retired, have you?"
Bob: "No, and that was 1997."
Wade: "Wow, so it's been that long, and you know I get people all the time that who ask me, where's Bob Holland, how's Bob doing, have you heard from Bob lately. So you haven't been forgotten, I can tell you that."
Bob: "Well, I appreciate that. I was so well-accepted by the viewers here that I shall never forget them."
Wade: "What are your favorite memories of WTOK?"
Bob: "This show ends at 5:30 doesn't it? (laughter)"
Wade: "What's one favorite memory?"
Bob: "Seriously Wade, there are so many wonderful memories. I was talking with the weather people today and reminiscing about some of the things we came up with and endured, and spoke with them and... I tried to think of some favorite, but I'm serious they all just blend in. I was here 42 years and it's hard to single out one event that occurred over 42 years. It was just such a wonderful time in my life."
Wade: "How often do you come back to Meridian?"
Bob: "This is the first time I've been back to the station in about 10 years."
Wade: Really. You've been out kind of talking some of the people, what's the reception been like?"
Bob: "I have enjoyed that so much. I saw people that I have not seen in years in the community and also former employees. It was a real joy to be here and be part of this occasion."
Wade: "Well, it is a joy for us to have you here today. Thank you so much for joining. I feel like, I feel very, very unprepared and undeserving to be sitting here on the same set with you. I will say this, I grew up watching you, Bob."
Bob: "You are very kind, and I appreciate all you guys."