Bomb Threat at Newton County Schools

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Decatur, Miss. Students at Newton County High School and Newton County's alternative school were evacuated Tuesday morning about 9:20 a.m. after reports of a possible bomb threat.

School officials say they found a note at the alternative school about a possible bomb. At that time, the school district followed protocol and evacuated students by bus to the elementary school campus.

Superintendent J.O. Amis said, despite the circumstances, everything ran smooth and in a timely manner.

"By the time we received the call till the last bus left the high school, it was about thirteen minutes," said Amis. "You know for us to evacuate approximately 1100 kids we thought we did real well."

Both the alternative school and newton county high school were evacuated to newton county elementary, where they were held until authorities could search the building. Amis said in all, it was a serious situation, but the response of how fast everyone acted was efficient.

"Our kids worked really well, very efficiently, moving outside the building to the football field where we made phone calls," said Amis. "We got people in line to get our buses over here, get those kids loaded and transported to the elementary."

Both campuses were checked by bomb sniffing dogs with nothing suspicious being found. Students were returned to their respective campuses.

The case is still under investigation.