Bonita Lakes Celebration Remains Dry

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Meridian, Mississippi The rain did not put a damper on celebrations at Bonita Lakes on Thursday evening.

It wouldn't be the 4th of July without the grill, the ball game, and some musical entertainment. There was one thing on the minds of many leading up to the fireworks spectacular. You guessed it, the weather! At the same time, the threat of rain isn't exactly something new on July 4th.

"Oh me, I'm used to it all the time," Del Lang said. "The only thing I'm really asking for it not to do, and I'm asking God, please don't do this, no lightning!"

"Most of the time, we still come out here," Michael Manor said. "Like one year, we were stuck in the car the whole time watching the fireworks, but this year we got us a patio, so we'll be good."

The chance for showers was also on the mind of musician Amy Lott, who has been forced to cancel previous performances in the area this year because of the rain. But she wasn't about to let the weather keep her from putting on a show for her hometown.

"Overwhelming," Lott said before the show. "I'm nervous, the lake behind me and all of Meridian in front of me, it's special. It's probably going to be my most special musical hometown memory. But it's nerve wracking, I'm very nervous."

These days, the 4th of July is dominated by fireworks, food, and vacation. But it's important to remember why we're taking time to celebrate the day known as Independence Day.

"And all those who gave up their lives to help keep our country's freedom, our country's right," Lang said.

Despite some lightning in and around the area, the 20 minute fireworks display was a nice way to end the day for most.