Bowling Files Notice of Appeal

Dwight Bowling (Photo courtesy: WTVA-TV)
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Aberdeen, Miss.

Dwight Bowling has filed an official notice of his intent to appeal his 300-month prison sentence for enticement of a minor.

The former Mississippi and Alabama prep football coach filed the notice this past week in federal court in Aberdeen.

U.S, District Judge Glen H. Davidson July 16 granted Bowling the opportunity to appeal the sentence. Davidson acted after Bowling argued he and his then-attorney Christi McCoy missed the original deadline to appeal the sentence in 2011.

Bowling pleaded guilty to federal charges in April of 2011 and was sentenced later that year to 300 months in prison.

Prosecutors say the incidents alleged in Bowling's indictment happened between 2004 and 2010. An investigation found four victims, boys ages 13 to 18.