Boy Scout Popcorn Sales Start Soon

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Meridian, Miss. If a Boy or Cub Scout knocks on your door over the next two months selling popcorn, Scout Executive Ken Kercheval encourages you to buy from them. Their annual popcorn sale is their main source of funding for the Council, as well as the Packs and Troops.

"The boys and the units use it to maintain their equipment, go on their trips, so all the scouting activities fund themselves."

While all the Scouts benefit from the money used at Camp Binachi and on their troop equipment, the individual Scout also benefits, and can participate in some things they might not have been able to otherwise.

"We have boys go to summer camp every year for free, that doesn't cost the parents anything because the boy earned it, and those kind of things help the boy understand that 'I Provided,' and they tend to do a lot better at summer camp and earn all their merit badges."

Long-time Scout supporter and President and CEO of Citizens National Bank, Archie McDonnell, believes in helping local organizations.

"Boy Scouts are raising leaders, and we're all about trying to raise leaders and keep them here in Meridian and Lauderdale County."

The sales teach the Scouts about salesmanship and part of the Scout Law: being thrifty.

"It teaches them about money, and keeping track of it, about placing orders. It gives them a little business to run, and it also teaches them about being thrifty. They're earning their way. They're not just saying 'Hey mom, I've got a campout this weekend, can you write a check?'"

Along with the popcorn, the Scouts are also selling batteries. For more information, you can visit