Boy Scouts Considering Changing Policy

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The Boy Scouts of America's ban on homosexual members and leaders is nothing new, it's been around since the Scouts were first formed over 100 years ago, but times are changing and some think it's time for that policy to change as well. Both national and local scout offices have been flooded with calls and e-mails since the National Council announced that they are considering changing the policy. On Sunday President Obama told CBS News that he believes no one should be barred from the organization, and Choctaw Area Council Scout Executive Ken Kercheval says that that's what the policy change would do.

"What they're talking about voting on is not necessarily allowing gays into Scouting, but is about removing any kind of statement regarding sexual orientation in our standards."

If the policy is changed, each chartering organization of each individual troop will decide whether or not to allow gay members.

"I believe that we have a close enough relationship with our charter organizations, that we will meet and we will talk to them and we will make sure they understand what the policy is."

Kercheval says that even right here in East Mississippi and West Alabama many people on both sides of the issue have been voicing their opinions, but no matter what happens, his Council will continue to serve just as they have been.

"Here in rural Mississippi you would think that it would be on side, but it's pretty split. This country is divided right down the middle as we saw in our Presidential Election. We're going to keep doing the business of the Boy Scouts."

The National Council will vote on the issue on Wednesday.