Boykin Laid to Rest

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Local law enforcement officers were faced with the difficult task of laying one of their own to rest on Sunday.

There were simply too many cars to count as police officers from all over the area, along with friends and family members of Chief Randy Boykin, said their goodbyes during a graveside memorial. Even local veterans showed their support during the service. While it's been almost a week since the Enterprise police chief was killed in the line of duty, the pain caused by his death is still very fresh.

Of course, it was Tuesday morning when Boykin was hit by a car while directing traffic outside of Enterprise school. The law enforcement veteran died not too long after being rushed to Jackson for treatment. Members of the Enterprise community gathered last week as the late chief's body was transported back to the area. His death has forced discussion of placing a traffic light at the intersection where was killed, which Enterprise officials say they have been asking the Mississippi Department of Transportation for for several years now.

A fundraiser for the Boykin family is tentatively planned for March 30th. Exact details are still being finalized.