Breaking Down Teens' Bond Reduction

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A judge's decision to reduce the bonds of two teens arrested on armed robbery charges is still a hot button topic.

Captain Dean Harper with the Meridian Police Department says a bond is issued to make sure a suspect returns for court. He says a bond is not used as a disciplinary action.

Harper says every suspect is entitled to a preliminary hearing in order for the judge to hear the evidence, but sometimes the defense attorney will ask the judge to waive the preliminary hearing in exchange for a lower bond.

"So, it's a judicial decision," Harper points out. "That's what they decided to do that day. The judge can lower the bond, leave the bond the same, he can raise it. It's the judge's decision. The law passed over in Jackson gives him that power. None of us standing here had anything to do with that."

The bonds of 15-year old Robert Edwards and 16-year old Tony Kimble were lowered from $250,000 to $10,000.