Brides Against Breast Cancer

Meridian, Miss. Women looking to say yes to the dress and no to cancer gathered at the Hilton Garden Inn today for an event where they could do both.

Brides Against Breast Cancer, a nonprofit organization, puts on 120 shows per year. And this year, organizers brought the expo to Meridian. They set up local vendors and brought in over 700 bridal gowns discounted up to 85 percent off. Eight cents of every dollar raised goes to benefit free cancer support programs.

"Not only the people who are dealing with cancer, but anyone who has had an emotional impact by it. So a family member, a friend. It really hones in on psycho-social effects of the disease," explained Lori Hagey, the national show manager for Brides Against Breast Cancer.

Brides Against Breast Cancer raises about $2 million per year to benefit the cause. Organizers hope to return to Meridian for future shows.