Bryant Wants State Control over Common Core

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Jackson, Miss.

Gov. Phil Bryant is throwing up a caution sign for a new set of school standards known as Common Core. He is the fifth governor to issue this type of executive order.

Bryant says he wants to keep the ball in Mississippi's court when it comes to the new standards.

There's still a green light for Common Core in Mississippi but Bryant wants to calm the fears that the feds will have a say-so in what's taught here.

"It is the strongest executive order that I have issued," said the governor. "It is one that clearly says to the federal government, we will not allow the takeover of our educational agenda in Mississippi schools under any circumstances."

State superintendent Dr. Carey Wright released a statement.

"School districts have developed the curriculum around Common Core state standards and have implemented these rigorous learning goals in the classroom. The federal government hasn't done any of that," Wright said.

Bryant wants to keep it that way.

"It in essence places a fence around Common Core in Mississippi that has been adopted to this point and says the federal government will not intrude upon it," said Bryant. "And if it does then those Common Core standards should be done away with."

Bryant now looks to the legislature to pass bills supporting his order. Rep. John Moore chairs the House Education Committee.

"I think it's a good thing for the governor to go ahead and alleviate these concerns for people," said Moore.

Moore is one of the lawmakers that has been in favor of moving forward with Common Core. He said he doesn't see the use in the full-pause that some had called for recently.

"How long do you want to review it?" asked Moore. "Do you want to review it two or three more years? How many more children do we run through the pipeline under an old standard?"

Bryant is ready to see higher standards but doesn't want to sacrifice the state's control in the process.

Common Core is set to be fully implemented by 2014.