Bryant at the Halfway Point

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Jackson, Miss. Gov. Phil Bryant is at the 2-year point of his term, looking back on how policies have changed since the day he took the oath of office.

There have been major pushes for more job creation and education reform.

Bryant said he believes those base level changes had to be made to put the state on the road to full recovery.

Now, he's cautioning the Mississippi Legislature not to pass too many new bills before the others are implemented.

"Let's balance this budget; fund those departments that need to be at the appropriate level," said Bryant. "And then slowly begin to move into more reforms as they are needed. Not just for the purpose of passing another bill."

Bryant has a new strategic plan that was released last week. It builds on the reforms already in place. It also pushes for change with ongoing problems like teen pregnancy.

Bryant said he wants to see the state get to a performance based budgeting system as soon as possible.