Burglar Caught in Creek With Stolen Property

Meridian Police responded to a simple home alarm call on 35th Avenue on Wednesday afternoon. But they quickly discovered the man who had broken into that house and burglarized another in the neighborhood was still in the area.

"When they arrived on scene, there was a witness there who came running out to the car and told them he had seen a suspicious person run by close to where the alarm went off," Lt. John Griffith of the Meridian Police Dept. said.

Police spotted the individual with a bag over his shoulder running away from the scene.

A chase ensued for just a few minutes here on this street before the suspect got himself stuck in a creek and police were quickly able to capture him.

"I believe he had some of the articles in the house maybe in a bag. He was running in the bag. He fell into a deep ditch, or a creek. Once he hit the creek, he stopped and officers had to fish him out of the creek," Lt. Griffith explained.

After they fished Stephen Skinner out of the creek, the MPD arrested him on a charge of burglary. Lieutenant Griffith says cooperation from the witness was essential in catching the suspect.

"One of the major things in this case that helped us catch him and clear up these two burglaries and prevent more burglaries, because more than likely he was going to break into some more," Lt. Griffith said. was the witness that seen him that when the officers got there, he was willing to say 'Hey, I've seen him and this is where he's at."

Meridian police believe Skinner broke into just those two houses on the street in two back to back incidents. His bond is set at $5,000.