Business Owner Catches, Chases Burglary Suspects

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Lauderdale County, Miss. The Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department arrested two people in connection with burglarizing an area business.

Former Lauderdale County Supervisor Eddie Harper was driving by his storage rental units on Highway 493 when he noticed a suspicious vehicle. He says he then attempted to confront the vehicle.

"They hopped in their truck and decided that they wanted to get out of here really fast and they tried to," Harper recalls.

Harper says he immediately called 911 and then began to chase the vehicle. That chase lasted for several miles on Highway 493 before Lauderdale and Kemper County deputies were able to apprehend the suspects. Harper admits he was nervous during the chase.

"I was nervous that they were going to wreck because they were driving more erratic than I was," Harper explains. "And so, I didn't want them to wreck and then if they did wreck, I didn't know what I would do at that point."

The Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department says it has now charged David Michael Hughey with one count of commercial burglary. Charges are also pending against a female suspect. Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun urges caution when chasing a suspect.

"If they can safely follow someone, keep an eye on someone, and continue to give information to a 911 operator, that certainly aides in the ability of a law enforcement officer," Calhoun says.

Harper says even though he was already on guard before this incident, he'll now be even more on guard, possibly adding even more security cameras.

"And with us coming together and helping, I think that if you try stuff like this right now, especially this time of the year," Harper adds. "As on guard as most people are, you're more than likely going to get caught."

Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun tells Newscenter 11 his investigators have been in touch with the Winston County Sheriff's Department where deputies there are also investigating David Michael Hughey.