Business Owners React to Downtown Shooting

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Meridian, Miss. Sunday's early morning shooting that injured four people and included between 15 and 20 rounds being fired has startled several Downtown Meridian business owners on 5th Street behind the old police station. One of those, Kevin Lewis of Jenkins Barber Shop, says he's been there 30 years and has never seen anything like this.

"This is a little outbreak here with our young people, and it's getting worse and worse. We're going to have to do something about it because it makes our Downtown businesses look bad because it reflects on us in the daytime."

Just down the street, Rickey Boggan of Rick B.'s Upscale Salon is also concerned, but feels that events that occur during the night won't affect his business that operates during the day.

"I really don't think it would affect the daytime businesses, but I really do think it would affect the nighttime businesses. People normally feel safe in the daylight hours, especially downtown."

Lewis, along with several other business owners, are planning to step up security measures in case something like this happens again.

"We might have to start closing up at a decent time, no more late-night working because you never know with all the other places getting robbed and the way people are now, you've got to be cautious."