Businesses Burglarized

At least two business owners in downtown Meridian arrived at work Friday and found an unwanted surprise.

'We came in and somebody had come through the front door,' says Scarlet Stevens.

Sometime overnight Thursday The Honey Hole Consignment Shop, which Scarlet Stevens owns, and also the Deli on Fifth, which is about a block away, were burglarized.

In both cases glass at the front of the businesses had been shattered and broken bricks were found nearby. In each case a money jar was taken; the stolen jar from the Deli was used for tips and the stolen jar from the consignment shop was for a fundraiser.

'We found out that they had taken a jar of money that we had taken up for a little boy who has leukemia,' says Stevens. 'We were raising that money for him. It looks like they got in and got out, but they took the jar of money, which I can replace, but it's the point that they took money from a baby! '

Unlike most nights, on Thursday Stevens says she left work before emptying that jar.

Aside from the burglary at The Honey Hole, a truck that was parked next to the store was vandalized. Newscenter 11 is told that the truck actually belongs to someone who owns the building next door. An empty bag that had been filled with sand was found next to the vehicle. Sometime overnight, the sand from that bag was dumped onto the truck. Officials with the Honey Hole believe that the two business burglaries and vandalism all happened around the same time.

'This is a lot of vandalism in one area for somebody not to see anything. If somebody saw something they need to report it to the police."

To contact the Meridian Police Department call (601) 485-1893.