Busy Thursday for LEMA Workers

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Lauderdale County, Miss. Workers at the Lauderdale County Emergency Operations Center closely monitored the radar and other computer models Thursday night as storms threatened parts of our area.

A crew of roughly six people spent much of the night watching storms that not only posed a threat to Lauderdale County, but also to surrounding counties. The main concern throughout the day was strong winds. Interim LEMA Director Scott Spears says any time there are strong winds, it is important for homeowners and really everyone to take proper precautions.

"I mean, anything that's loose on their porches or in their yards, they need to fix that where it won't blow around," Spears advises. "And bust windows and stuff like that. And you know, they need to have a backup system where they can get weather alerts if the power goes out."

Spears and his crew remained in the EOC until the threat passed.