CMRC Hosts Mental Health Training Session

Newton, Miss. The new school year is set to get underway in just a few days and Central Mississippi Residential Center is helping to prepare teachers.

CMRC hosted an education program called Youth Mental Health First Aid.

This course instructs teachers how to recognize students who may be having problems.

Teachers from the Choctaw Indian School District and Newton Municipal Schools took part in what educators say is more important now than ever.

"As educators we find our selves in positions we are not always prepared for and having this mental health first aid training gives us something to fall back on," said Robin Milling who works at Newton High School. "It gives us another level of assistance that we can provide our students."

"It's important to the student to have as normal a day as they can in order to be successful in the classroom," said Rowena York, a social worker at Choctaw Central. "And to give them the tools that are going to help keep them going in the course of their life. "

Frankie Johnson of CMRC says this course is like CPR for mental health. He says the first step in helping our youth is recognizing there is a problem.