COG Discusses Charter Schools

Because charter schools are a high priority of the governor, lieutenant governor and speaker of the house, state Rep. Greg Snowden says he believes legislation will be forthcoming sooner rather than later.

Snowden shared that with fellow members of the Lauderdale County Council of Governments.

Snowden said he doesn't know that it will happen during the 2012 legislative session. But he says it is still alive.

Snowden also addressed the concern some have that charter schools take away from public education.

"Charter schools are public schools," said Snowden. "And it's all about the children. The idea behind charter schools are to give, particularly in these areas where frankly the kids just don't have a chance, that public schools are not doing a good job, is to give parents and other local community groups an opportunity to try something different that might work."

On a different topic, Snowden said he doesn't believe a proposed immigration enforcement bill will get through the legislature this year, because there
are too many differences among the leadership.