Camp Eagle Ridge Hosting the Boys and Girls Club

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Collinsville, Miss Fun and learning go hand in hand especially at camp eagle ridge. Here kids have the opportunity to participate in any number of activities from games, to horseback riding, to rope climbing, even zip lining. It's a camp with one simple goal: Helping kids to set goals and then achieve them.

Dan Fritts, the Director of Camp Eagle Ridge say "I’ll tell you. Obviously we want the kids to walk away from our camp having a great time and fun, but more importantly, hopefully the kids will walk away feeling like they are unique and special and that success in life isn't really about intelligence or wealth but it's just about setting goals and putting 100 percent of your effort into achieving your goals"

The boys and girls clubs of meridian will be at the camp all this week participating in everything the camp has to offer. With youth crime becoming a major concern in meridian, Fritts believes getting the kids involved in these activities and showing them how to achieve their goals will have a positive impact in the area.

Fritts also says "Our goal really is hand in hand, the success of kids and the crime rate and violence that occurs in meridian certainly goes hand in hand. If we can get the kids involved positive activities and positive influence it can only help."