Campers Enjoy Neshoba County Fair

Neshoba County, Miss. When you think of Mississippi's Giant House Party, the cabins are one of the first things to come to mind. But many fair-goers say they prefer another location. 520 RVs line the edges of the fair. And the campers say their temporary homes are even better than the cabins.

"We just all cook together and hang out, and we have people who will come and visit us," said Baleigh Ellis of Lake, Miss. "We'll just sit around and play games and stuff like that. And then if we want to we can just walk down to the fair. It's just right there."

The location is what makes the area such a coveted spot. Cabin owners are thrust into the heart of the fair 24/7, but the campers have a choice.

Every camper I spoke with said they actually prefer the RVs to the cabins because they get the best of both worlds. They can relax in a more peaceful environment here, but they're just a short walk away from all the action.

Scherrie Willis said she stayed in a cabin for three years before making the switch to a camper, and she has never looked back.

"We get to know a lot of people, have a good time with everybody," said Willis. "It's a lot of fun down there, but it's just more fun up here to me."

But finding a spot for your camper isn't an easy feat. Each camper spot is booked on a permanent basis, just like the cabins.

Darlene Sistrunk, another camper from Philadelphia who has been coming for 30 years, says there's one main reason it's so popular.

"Oh, it's more relaxed, not quite as noisy," said Sistrunk. "It's more like just camping in a campground when you're out here because you can get away from all the hustle and bustle but also still enjoy the things."

If you do want to try to reserve a camper spot, you may call the Neshoba County Fair's office. Management will be happy to put your name on the waiting list. But that list is already over 100 names long.