Cancer Survivors Celebrate Hope

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Meridian, Miss. It's no secret that cancer affects the lives of so many throughout the world. To help combat some of the hopelessness that many feel after being diagnosed, survivors from around the area gathered at the Anderson Regional Cancer Center, to take part in a special activity called "Handprints for Hope". Each and every survivor was asked to place a handprint with their name and the length of time they've been a survivor. The goal is to show others, that through each handprint, there is a survivor who had hope.

'A cancer diagnosis is a devastating diagnosis to a lot of people," said Administrative Director Wayne Herrington. "The hope in what cancer survivors know, is that there is hope. With new technologies of treatment, early detection, with prevention of being the way it is, there's a tremendous amount of hope of living beyond a cancer diagnosis."

Two sisters in attendance, who were both diagnosed with cancer and have been survivors for almost 7 years, says everyday is a challenge and they hope when others look upon their handprint they will see encouragement.

"There is hope," said survivor Clementine Temple. "If you have that in your mind, with the right mindset that I can do this with the help of God and others, you will be able to survive."

According to Herrington, there are almost 14 million Americans living with cancer and the hope is for each person who walks through the doors of the cancer center, to see the "Handprints of Hope" canvas and see a story of survivors.

"We want them to take encouragement form that," said Herrington. "There's a whole community of cancer survivors that rally around them during this time."

Survivors can put their handprints on the canvas from May 27 -30, at the Anderson Regional Cancer Center. Friday, May 30, the lobby of the cancer center will also have cupcakes and punch, in celebration of National Cancer Survivors Day. This year National Cancer Survivors Day is on Sunday, June 1.