Cancer Survivors Celebrate Survival

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Hundreds showed their support for the annual Lauderdale County Relay for Life, a month after it was originally scheduled to take place.

The ability to go for a walk is not something that most cancer survivors take for granted. After all, their lives changed forever when they heard that one word from their doctor, cancer. But for some, that was just more of a reason to want to live.

"The biggest victory is to overcome cancer," Betty Phillips said. "And I'm seven years free and God has blessed me and took care of me. And it's awesome to meet with all the other survivors because normally this is about the only time we get to see each other."

Even though most of the people at the Ag Center hadn't actually had to fight cancer themselves, most of them know someone who has since cancer touches everyone.

"Well, we're just out here relaying and fighting cancer," Lisa Borgan said. And have some people in my family who have fought cancer and have actually won, and also have some who have went on to be with the lord. And just excited about being able to raise money for this good cause."

This year's relay was made up of a total of 60 teams. Of course, Lauderdale County Relay for Life is largest in the state and raised over $300,000 last year.

"And so we want to maintain that reputation," according to Gina Conner with Lauderdale County Relay for Life. "And we'd love to be able to provide more research and make a difference in somebody's life. Because as you've seen many times, the research that happens from the funds that are raised from an event like this, can make a difference in somebody's life that's just being diagnosed with cancer today."

Lauderdale County Relay for Life is normally held at Meridian High School's Ray Stadium, but was moved to the Lauderdale County Ag Center this year because of weather.