Candi Dunlap Released

Candi Dunlap was released Wednesday morning from a Macedonian jail after being imprisoned since September 28. Newscenter 11 sat down with two of her friends, and they describe what they felt when they found out she was released.

"Overjoyed! Overjoyed. Just tears, a constant stream of tears," Amy Countiss exclaims.

"When I found out, of course immediately I cried, but I have always held out belief that God would intervene and she would come home," says Yvette Boyd, who is also the creator of the "Prayers for Candi" Facebook page.

Newscenter 11 has obtained exclusive video of the 256 coins at the center of the trial, and Dunlap's October 19 court appearance in Skopje, Macedonia. Boyd, who was also on the mission trip, says everything that happened was simply miscommunication.

"It was a lack of communication in several areas as far as we were not made aware before we went that we could not bring back certain souvenirs or what the rules were," Boyd explains. "I do understand that each one of us should have taken it upon ourselves to research their laws and their customs. We didn't, and that's our own fault."

As friends and family await Dunlap's homecoming, they are asking the community to come together to show support and love for Candi.

"Well, a friend of hers, and I can't remember her name, it is on the Facebook page, asked that everybody tie a red ribbon around a mailbox or a tree so that they can show the love for Candi when she does come home. So, we are asking everybody to do that," Boyd tells us.

Dunlap must serve a two year parole, which will be done here in the U.S., and pay a $300 fine. It is unknown at this time when Dunlap will return to Meridian.