Car Show Raises Money for Deputies

Lauderdale County, Mississippi Hubert Rivers and Sergeant Thomas Robinson are two Lauderdale County deputies who have been battling against both crime and cancer. Friends, family and coworkers decided to organize an event to raise money to give back to the men who have given so much to the community. Saturday they held a Car Show and Vehicle Extravaganza.

"We've got a great crowd. We've been receiving phone calls all week long from people saying they're coming, and they have shown up in great number," Lt. Andy Hatcher said. "Just the support from the public, our local businesses who have donated a lot of our door prizes, the support from our community has been overwhelming."

Deputy Hubert Rivers says their plan was tough to accept at first.

"When they confronted me about it, I told them I really didn't care about it," said Rivers. "But they told me they were going to do it and for me just to sit back and ride and don't worry about it."

But he said he has been enjoying himself, and is very thankful for all the love he's been shown. Everyone found ways to get involved from selling food, raffling prizes or showing off beautiful cars. The cars were the main focus of the event with 74 entries.

"It's just something that we enjoy," said Billy Griffith, who presented a car at the show. "A lot of the older people enjoy old cars, and the young people are getting into it where they're really enjoying them now."

Coworkers say the effort put into the event was so strong because of the character of these two men. Even Lauderdale County Sheriff Billy Sollie, who was repeatedly drenched in a dunking booth says it was all worthwhile.

"Great day for our deputies. Hundreds of people have come out today," Sollie said. "The car show is going great, food vendors are here. This is going to be a great opportunity for our community to help two men who have served and continue to serve this community."

Lt. Hatcher says the event raised even more money than they expected.