Career Fair

Dozens of business leaders turned out Friday to help local students, who are at a crucial age, start planning for the future. Aiming high to reach goals was the message conveyed to students at Northwest Middle School. With emphasis on diversity in careers and all other aspects of life, students from the sixth through eighth grades were able to speak one-on-one with representatives from almost 30 different fields.

"They always can read about it, but it helps them more when they can interact and actually hold a conversation with a person in that particular career," says Career Fair organizer, Deborah Ewing. "Even, we have admissions and recruiting from MCC, and there may be a career not represented here that they can ask questions about."

Newscenter 11 meteorologist, Brian Hutton, Jr. was one of the presenters. The occupations represented for the career fair all differed, but the message from all of the professionals was the same.

"Just focus," is what Gretchen Luvene, who is the director the Meridian Public School District's Parent Resource Center, told students. "You're shooting for the goal; just don't stop!'

Organizers for the career fair say that if the students work hard and don't give up, their efforts could ultimately help the local community develop an even more prepared workforce.

"This is one of the steps for me to help make that happen," says Ewing. "Because as a special education teacher, I know that all of the students will not go to college, but in doing this I can help them make a decision where they can be a productive person in society."