Carmichael Seeking Tenant for Former Sears Location

Meridian, Miss.
A long-vacant building in a strategic location between the interstate and downtown Meridian could have a new life ahead of it.

Missouth Development has purchased the former Sears building on 22nd Avenue.

Missouth's president says he's ready to get started immediately on getting a new business into the old Sears building. While this is a large investment for the company, President Scott Carmichael says he's confident it will pay off, for Missouth and Meridian.

"When you get off the interstate, that is what draws you into downtown. So when we were looking at it, and the opportunity came up to buy the sears building, I jumped at it," he says.

The company is already searching for a new tenant, and Carmichael says he's looking specifically at retailers. He's already compiled a list of potential businesses and is now getting ready to actively seek out those prospects.

"If it ends up being a retail use, then it certainly will be generating sales tax. Whatever the case, it will be a boon to the local economy and to our tax base," community development director John McClure says.

This announcement comes just months after the news that the old Value Fair Mall will soon see renovations.

McClure says the momentum from these recent developments will likely carry over to future businesses here along this avenue, a good sign for the gateway to the Queen City.

"A term we use in economic development is 'reaching a critical mass.' That's a term out of nuclear physics," he explains. "You've got enough going on that things start exploding, if you will."

In the meantime, Missouth will soon get started giving the building a makeover. Over the past few years, it's been used primarily for storage.

"They got the new police station. Hopefully, someday someone will do something with the Threefoot building, but this was the place that I worked and I really enjoyed," Pete Rivera, former Sears employee says. "So with that said, thank you very much and please enjoy. Pete Rivera, signing off."